Commit 5acd7229 authored by Filip Wiesner's avatar Filip Wiesner

Room generic

parent 411658f6
package com.cvut.blackbird.model.entities
import com.cvut.blackbird.model.KosEntry
import com.cvut.blackbird.model.KosPage
import com.tickaroo.tikxml.annotation.Element
import com.tickaroo.tikxml.annotation.PropertyElement
import com.tickaroo.tikxml.annotation.Xml
@Xml(inheritance = true)
class RoomPage : KosPage<Room>()
@Xml(inheritance = true)
data class Room(
@PropertyElement val code: String,
@PropertyElement val division: String,
@PropertyElement val locality: String,
@PropertyElement val name: String,
@PropertyElement val type: String,
@PropertyElement val capacity: String
): KosEntry<Room>()
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