Commit 52127224 authored by Michal Sojka's avatar Michal Sojka

Update brutegit-ae-sync

parent 853441eb
# git post-receive hook to update BRUTE automatic evaluation (AE) git
# repository. After pushing to a course git repository, this script
# creates a subset of that repository containing only files for AE and
# pushes this subset to BRUTE's AE git repository.
set -e
handle_commit() {
......@@ -38,9 +43,10 @@ while read oldrev newrev refname; do
if [ "$refname" = "refs/heads/master" ]; then
echo "Checking for AE updates"
for rev in $(git rev-list --reverse $oldrev..$newrev); do
handle_commit $rev cviceni
handle_commit $rev
echo "Pushing AE to BRUTE"
#git push -f --quiet ae:master
# You have to configure brutegit remote manually
git push -f --quiet brutegit ae:master
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