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# bachelor-thesis
* Currently this repository is used for purpose of Software and Research Project (B4BPROJ6)
Repository with reference implementation of game theoretical models related to
my bachelor-thesis (and software/research project). Source code is written in python.
* Documentation is in progress [here](report)
### Prerequisites
* Python3.6 or higher _(for static typing)_
* Pipenv - package managing tool (get with `pip install --user pipenv`)
### Run
For running take the following steps after cloning the project:
Firstly download the dependencies
`pipenv sync`
Then to discover project repositories run
`pipenv run python pip install -e .`
And finally run the app from the root directory
`pipenv run python src/`
To modify default configuration of the project see src/[](src/ file
## Documentation
* Documentation can be found[here](report). Doc is currently in progress.
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