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......@@ -20,15 +20,15 @@ Made by: Matej Kopecky and Vit Ramba
# Controls
After you start the code, wait around half a minute before LCD loades. Keep an eye on the terminal. There will instructions for you. After the LCD loads, you can start pressing some buttons to set color of your drawing.
# Color options – press button:
# Color options – hold button:
1. ‘r’ for color red
2. ‘g’ for color green
3. ‘b’ for color blue
4. ‘y’ for color yellow
5. ‘w’ for color white
* Press ‘p’ for clear of draw field.
* Press ‘q’ to end the game.
* Hold ‘p’ for clear of draw field.
* Hold ‘q’ to end the game.
After you pick color, you will start drawing in the draw screen. Both LED’s will show you the chosen color.
* Changing color when drawing
......@@ -42,6 +42,8 @@ After you pick color, you will start drawing in the draw screen. Both LED’s wi
Note: At the start of the application, the blue knob is expected to be at position '0'. In case that is not true, the knob will override color selection from terminal and the initial color will be chosen based on the knob value.
Note 2: The program only executes a command if user holds a button for a very brief time period. The program will ignore a command when a button is pressed and then released immediately.
# Terminal
Terminal will show you every now and then coordinates of the cursor.
To change color when you start drawing, hold the button for a moment for the code to pick it up.
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