Commit f37e36fb authored by Ille, Ondrej, Ing.'s avatar Ille, Ondrej, Ing.

test: add creation of explicit TC for sanity test.

parent 91265ce4
......@@ -93,6 +93,10 @@ def add_flags(ui, lib, build) -> None:
for rt in reference_tests:
rt.scan_tests_from_file(str(build / "../reference/vunit_reference_wrapper.vhd"))
sanity_tests = lib.get_test_benches('*sanity*', allow_empty=True)
for st in sanity_tests:
st.scan_tests_from_file(str(build / "../sanity/tb_sanity.vhd"))
#lib.add_compile_option("ghdl.flags", ["-Wc,-g"])
lib.add_compile_option("ghdl.flags", ["-fprofile-arcs", "-ftest-coverage", "-fpsl"])
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