Commit ec1cb4da authored by Ille, Ondrej, Ing.'s avatar Ille, Ondrej, Ing.
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test: Debug overload frame feature test.

parent b42b6b06
......@@ -207,9 +207,10 @@ package body overload_feature is
CAN_wait_sample_point(iout(1).stat_bus, false);
end loop;
-- This is to make sure that we are in last bit of EOF for both nodes.
-- In case of tight timing, this can lead to Errors!
CAN_wait_sample_point(iout(2).stat_bus, false);
-- This is to cover possibility that sample point of one bit before end
-- of EOF in Node 2 did not pass yet! We want to be also in last bit
-- of EOF of Node 2, because only then we get Overload frame!
wait for 400 ns;
-- Now we should be in one bit before the end of EOF!
force_bus_level(DOMINANT, so.bl_force, so.bl_inject);
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