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doc: Driver documentation acknowledge the project funding.

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......@@ -520,6 +520,68 @@ CTU CAN FD Driver Sources Reference
.. kernel-doc:: ../../driver/ctu_can_fd_platform.c
CTU CAN FD IP Core and Driver Development Acknowledgement
* Odrej Ille <>
* started the project as student at Department of Measurement, FEE, CTU
* invested great amount of personal time and enthusiasm to the project over years
* worked on more funded tasks
* `Department of Measurement <>`_,
`Faculty of Electrical Engineering <>`_,
`Czech Technical University <>`_
* is the main investor into the project over many years
* uses project in their CAN/CAN FD diagnostics framework for `Skoda Auto <>`_
* `Digiteq Automotive <>`_
* funding of the project CAN FD Open Cores Support Linux Kernel Based Systems
* negotiated and paid CTU to allow public access to the project
* provided additional funding of the work
* `Department of Control Engineering <>`_,
`Faculty of Electrical Engineering <>`_,
`Czech Technical University <>`_
* solving the project CAN FD Open Cores Support Linux Kernel Based Systems
* providing GitLab management
* virtual servers and computational power for continuous integration
* providing hardware for HIL continuous integration tests
* `PiKRON Ltd. <>`_
* minor funding to initiate preparation of the project open-sourcing
* Petr Porazil <>
* design of PCIe transceiver addon board and assembly of boards
* design and assembly of MZ_APO baseboard for MicroZed/Zynq based system
* Martin Jerabek <>
* Linux driver development
* continuous integration platform architect and GHDL updates
* theses `Open-source and Open-hardware CAN FD Protocol Support <>`_
* Jiri Novak <>
* project initiation, management and use at Department of Measurement, FEE, CTU
* Pavel Pisa <>
* initiate open-sourcing, project coordination, management at Department of Control Engineering, FEE, CTU
* Jaroslav Beran<>
* system integration for Intel SoC, core and driver testing and updates
.. [1]
Other buses have their own specific driver interface to set up the
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