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synthesis: Introduce TCL component script for Intel Platform Studio (Altera Qsys)

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ctu_canfd_avalon_hw.tcl is a script which can be used for creating a component
in Intel Platform Studio. The controller register block is accesible over Avalon bus.
You can use it like this:
1. Create a release of IP core (scripts/
2. Copy generated release files here into src/ directory
3. Now you can optionally copy this directory to where your IP cores for Quartus project are
4. Open ctu_canfd_avalon_hw.tcl from Intel Platform Studio when creating a new component
So this directory should looks like this:
+-- ctu_canfd_avalon_hw.tcl
+-- src/
+-- *.v (release files)
**IMPORTANT:** If you are creating your own .tcl or component by hand,
it is critical to set correctly these (besides others) properties of slave
Avalon interface. Compare with the document _CTU CAN FD IP CORE. System Architecture_,
part _2.1 Memory bus_.
set_interface_property registers addressUnits SYMBOLS
set_interface_property registers readLatency 1
set_interface_property registers readWaitTime 0
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