Commit 79dedb90 authored by Martin Jeřábek's avatar Martin Jeřábek
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add a TODO and warning about possible HW pipelining problem

parent e8165763
......@@ -452,9 +452,15 @@ err_warning:
/* Clear Data Overrun */
// TODO: this still sometimes fails without the print (maybe)
// -> test it
netdev_info(ndev, " DOS=%d after COMMAND[CDR]", ctu_can_get_status(&priv->p).s.dos);
/* TODO: this still sometimes fails without the dummy read
* Theoretically it is possible for the 2 bus accesses (flg
* clear, irq clear) to become tightly adjacent and the
* pipelining effects will cause that the IRQ clear request
* is ignored.
* The dummy read would prevent this.
* We still have to write a feature test for this.
//netdev_info(ndev, " DOS=%d after COMMAND[CDR]", ctu_can_get_status(&priv->p).s.dos);
/* And clear the DOI flag again */
icr.u32 = 0;
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