Commit 6a1545a1 authored by Martin Jeřábek's avatar Martin Jeřábek
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ci: fix paths for page deployment; do not use https for the pages

parent 0fb4d424
......@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ build_ip_and_tests:
stage: test
only: *only
allow_failure: true # for debugging
dependencies: [build_ip_and_tests]
- cd test
......@@ -65,11 +66,12 @@ pages:
allow_failure: true # for debugging
- mkdir -p public
- cp xunit.xsl public/
- cp test_*.xml public/
- mv code_html public/coverage || true
- cp test/xunit.xsl public/
- cp test/test_*.xml public/
- mv test/code_html public/coverage || true
- master
- triggers
- public
# CAN FD IP Core
[![pipeline status](](
[![coverage report](](
[![pipeline status](](
[![coverage report](](
This is repository of CAN FD IP Core written in VHDL, originally developed at
Czech Technical University -- Faculty of Electrical Engineering -- Department
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