Commit 64661553 authored by Ille, Ondrej, Ing.'s avatar Ille, Ondrej, Ing.
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Replaced direct reads in sanity test by appropriate

functions from CAN Test lib to make use of Hardware
parent ff4006e0
......@@ -796,6 +796,8 @@ begin
variable frame_sent : boolean := false;
variable used_txtb : natural := 1;
variable txtb_state : SW_TXT_Buffer_state_type;
variable rx_buf_state : SW_RX_Buffer_info;
variable fault_state : SW_fault_state;
if (do_restart_mem_if(i)) then
......@@ -866,12 +868,13 @@ begin
end if;
-- Check if RX buffer is non-empty and read frames if not!
CAN_read(r_data, RX_STATUS_ADR, n_index, mb_arr(i));
while (r_data(0) = '0') loop
get_rx_buf_state(rx_buf_state, n_index, mb_arr(i));
while (rx_buf_state.rx_empty = false) loop
CAN_read_frame(RX_frame, n_index, mb_arr(i));
store_frame_to_mem(RX_frame, rx_mems(i),
CAN_read(r_data, RX_STATUS_ADR, n_index, mb_arr(i));
get_rx_buf_state(rx_buf_state, n_index, mb_arr(i));
-- Count the received frames
frame_counters(i) <= frame_counters(i) + 1;
......@@ -882,9 +885,9 @@ begin
-- Check if unit is not error passive. If node is error
-- passive data consitency will be corrupted!!!
-- That should never happend !!!
if (do_read_errors(n_index) = true) then
CAN_read(r_data, EWL_ADR, n_index, mb_arr(i));
if (r_data(17) = '1') then
if (do_read_errors(n_index)) then
get_fault_state(fault_state, n_index, mb_arr(i));
if (fault_state /= fc_error_active) then
erp_detected(i) <= true;
end if;
end if;
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