Commit 5e37e961 authored by Ille, Ondrej, Ing.'s avatar Ille, Ondrej, Ing.

Added implementation of ring topology in new test framework.

parent f484265a
......@@ -23,8 +23,10 @@ def len_to_matrix(topology, bus_len):
[l[1]+l[3]+l[5], l[2]+l[3]+l[5], 0.0, l[3]+l[4]],
[l[1]+l[4]+l[5], l[2]+l[4]+l[5], l[3]+l[4], 0.0]]
elif topology == 'ring':
raise RuntimeError("Ring topology not implemented.")
# TODO: Ring topology with min functions
bm = [[0.0, min(l[1], l[2]+l[3]+l[4]), min(l[1]+l[2],l[3]+l[4]), min(l[4],l[1]+l[2]+l[3])],
[min(l[1], l[2]+l[3]+l[4]), 0.0, min(l[2], l[1]+l[3]+l[4]), min(l[2]+l[3],l[1]+l[4])],
[min(l[1]+l[2],l[3]+l[4]), min(l[2], l[1]+l[3]+l[4]), 0.0, min(l[3],l[1]+l[2]+l[4])],
[min(l[4],l[1]+l[2]+l[3]), min(l[2]+l[3],l[1]+l[4]), min(l[3],l[1]+l[2]+l[4]), 0.0]]
elif topology == 'custom':
bm = [[0.0, l[1], l[2], l[3]],
[l[1], 0.0, l[4], l[5]],
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