Commit 2612ea14 authored by Ille, Ondrej, Ing.'s avatar Ille, Ondrej, Ing.

test: debug ALC_SRR_RTR.

MEasuring sample points needs to be done on Node 2 since we
check its own arbitration. If done on Node 1, it might happen
that Node 2 did not loose arbitration yet!
parent fbd83d46
......@@ -230,13 +230,15 @@ package body alc_srr_rtr_2_feature is
-- from Node 2 and check it.
info("Step 7: Check arbitration lost on SRR/RTR");
CAN_wait_pc_state(pc_deb_arbitration, ID_1, mem_bus(1));
CAN_wait_pc_state(pc_deb_arbitration, ID_2, mem_bus(2));
for i in 0 to 11 loop
end loop;
check(iout(1).can_tx = DOMINANT, "Dominant RTR transmitted!");
check(iout(2).can_tx = RECESSIVE, "Recessive RTR transmitted!");
wait for 20 ns; -- To account for trigger processing
-- Wait for up to one bit time since triggers can be shifted!
wait for 1000 ns;
get_controller_status(stat_2, ID_2, mem_bus(2));
check(stat_2.receiver, "Node 2 lost arbitration!");
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