Commit 1bd3f6aa authored by Ille, Ondrej, Ing.'s avatar Ille, Ondrej, Ing.

test: Constrain ERR_CAPT bit error TC!

parent 8e90f1b5
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......@@ -141,7 +141,18 @@ package body err_capt_ctrl_bit_feature is
for i in 1 to 4 loop
info ("Inner Loop: " & integer'image(i));
CAN_generate_frame(rand_ctr, frame_1);
-- Detect patterns in which stuff bit might be placed. In such
-- case, avoid it. Because if we stuff the same value of bit as
-- we are trying to force, error frame will not be sent (obviously,
-- bus has equal value as is sent) and test will fail!
if (frame_1.dlc(3) = frame_1.dlc(2)) then
-- It is enough to break first two equal bits!
frame_1.dlc(3) := not frame_1.dlc(2);
decode_dlc(frame_1.dlc, frame_1.data_length);
end if;
-- ID is not important in this TC. Avoid overflows of high generated
-- IDs on Base IDs!
frame_1.identifier := 10;
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