Commit 17e3803a authored by Ille, Ondrej, Ing.'s avatar Ille, Ondrej, Ing.

Added memory reg debug waves.

parent 6a42c439
......@@ -82,6 +82,15 @@ add wave -label "Transceiver delay" $TCOMP/$SIG1.tr_del
add wave -label "Driving bus" $TCOMP/$INST1/drv_bus
add wave -label "Status bus" $TCOMP/$INST1/stat_bus
add wave -group "Memory reg debug" \
-label "Control registers cs" $TCOMP/$INST1/reg_comp/control_registers_cs \
-label "Control registers cs register" $TCOMP/$INST1/reg_comp/control_registers_cs_reg \
-label "Control registers rdata" $TCOMP/$INST1/reg_comp/control_registers_rdata \
-label "Control rgisters Reg sel" $TCOMP/$INST1/reg_comp/control_registers_reg_map_comp/reg_sel \
-label "Controlt registers read data mask" $TCOMP/$INST1/reg_comp/control_registers_reg_map_comp/read_data_mask_n \
-label "Control registers out" $TCOMP/$INST1/reg_comp/control_registers_reg_map_comp/control_registers_out_i \
-label "Control registers in" $TCOMP/$INST1/reg_comp/control_registers_reg_map_comp/control_registers_in
add wave -group "RX Buffer (1)" \
-label "RX_DATA" $TCOMP/$INST1/rx_read_buff \
-label "Buffer size" -unsigned $TCOMP/$INST1/rx_buf_size \
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