Commit 16e53835 authored by Ille, Ondrej, Ing.'s avatar Ille, Ondrej, Ing.
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parent 6ce5ea86
......@@ -3046,11 +3046,11 @@ package body CANtestLib is
constant ID : in natural range 0 to 15;
signal mem_bus : inout Avalon_mem_type
variable bus_timing : bit_time_config_type;
signal bus_timing : bit_time_config_type;
variable wait_time : integer := 0;
-- Read config of the node
CAN_read_timing(bus_timing, ID_1, mem_bus(1));
CAN_read_timing(bus_timing, ID, mem_bus);
-- Calculate number of clock cycles to wait
if (nominal) then
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