Commit 110aa522 authored by Jaroslav Beran's avatar Jaroslav Beran Committed by Ille, Ondrej, Ing.
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synthesis: update Quartus component TCL script to reflect current HW version

parent 4fb64d30
# TCL File Generated by Component Editor 18.1
# Sat Sep 28 23:04:31 CEST 2019
# Thu Nov 07 22:49:32 CET 2019
# ctu_canfd_avalon "ctu_canfd_avalon" v1.0
# 2019.09.28.23:04:31
# 2019.11.07.22:49:32
......@@ -109,6 +109,7 @@ add_fileset_file shift_reg.vhd VHDL PATH src/shift_reg.vhd
add_fileset_file shift_reg_byte.vhd VHDL PATH src/shift_reg_byte.vhd
add_fileset_file shift_reg_preload.vhd VHDL PATH src/shift_reg_preload.vhd
add_fileset_file sig_sync.vhd VHDL PATH src/sig_sync.vhd
add_fileset_file ssp_generator.vhd VHDL PATH src/ssp_generator.vhd
add_fileset_file synchronisation_checker.vhd VHDL PATH src/synchronisation_checker.vhd
add_fileset_file trigger_generator.vhd VHDL PATH src/trigger_generator.vhd
add_fileset_file trigger_mux.vhd VHDL PATH src/trigger_mux.vhd
......@@ -132,13 +133,6 @@ set_parameter_property rx_buffer_size TYPE INTEGER
set_parameter_property rx_buffer_size UNITS None
set_parameter_property rx_buffer_size ALLOWED_RANGES -2147483648:2147483647
set_parameter_property rx_buffer_size HDL_PARAMETER true
add_parameter ID INTEGER 1
set_parameter_property ID DEFAULT_VALUE 1
set_parameter_property ID DISPLAY_NAME ID
set_parameter_property ID TYPE INTEGER
set_parameter_property ID UNITS None
set_parameter_property ID ALLOWED_RANGES -2147483648:2147483647
set_parameter_property ID HDL_PARAMETER true
add_parameter sup_filtA BOOLEAN true
set_parameter_property sup_filtA DEFAULT_VALUE true
set_parameter_property sup_filtA DISPLAY_NAME sup_filtA
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