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doc: Add note about error priorities in Error code capture.

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......@@ -3949,6 +3949,39 @@ CTU CAN FD contains Error code capture register.
Error code capture is updated in sample point of a bit where error was
Error code capture is readable via ERR_CAPT register.
CAN FD standard does not defined types of errors as mutually exclusive
bit error and stuff error may occur at the same time when transmitted stuff
bit value is corrupted to opposite value).
In such case, Error code capture captures only one type of error with highest
Priorities of error types are defined as (Form error having the highest
\begin_layout Enumerate
Form error
\begin_layout Enumerate
Bit error
\begin_layout Enumerate
CRC error
\begin_layout Enumerate
ACK error
\begin_layout Enumerate
Stuff error
\begin_layout Description
Note Stuff error which occured during fixed bit stuffing method of CAN FD
frame is reported as Form error in Error code capture.
\begin_layout Subsection
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