Commit 06674422 authored by Ille, Ondrej, Ing.'s avatar Ille, Ondrej, Ing.

TX Arbitrator bugfix. Also frame metadata should be decided by

the frame which was selected at the "Lock" from the CAN Core.
parent c0edba73
......@@ -350,19 +350,19 @@ begin
--Frame format word--
--Data length Code
tran_dlc_out <= txt1buf_info_in(611 downto 608) when mess_src='0' else
tran_dlc_out <= txt1buf_info_in(611 downto 608) when mess_src_reg='0' else
txt2buf_info_in(611 downto 608);
--RTR Frame
tran_is_rtr <= txt1buf_info_in(613) when mess_src='0' else
tran_is_rtr <= txt1buf_info_in(613) when mess_src_reg='0' else
--Identifier Type
tran_ident_type_out <= txt1buf_info_in(614) when mess_src='0' else
tran_ident_type_out <= txt1buf_info_in(614) when mess_src_reg='0' else
--Frame Type
tran_frame_type_out <= txt1buf_info_in(615) when mess_src='0' else
tran_frame_type_out <= txt1buf_info_in(615) when mess_src_reg='0' else
--Bit rate shift
tran_brs_out <= txt1buf_info_in(617) when mess_src='0' else
tran_brs_out <= txt1buf_info_in(617) when mess_src_reg='0' else
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