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......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ Project pages: [](https://gi
* [Simulink Blocks for CAN bus Support under Linux][simulink_socketcan]
* [Performance evaluation of Linux CAN-related system calls](can-syscalls.pdf) ([example code](
* [Linux-Based CAN-Ethernet Gateway](can-eth-gw.pdf)
* Diploma and other theses at our group
* Diploma and other theses at related group at FEE
* [Stanislav Marek: Embedded Device with CANopen Communication Protocol, 2006][marek_dp] ([PDF CZ][marek_pdf])
* [Jan Benda: CANOpen Communication for a Mobile Robot, 2008][benda_dp] ([PDF CZ][benda_pdf])
* [Martin Petera: LinCAN driver for Renesas HCAN2, 2007][petera_bp] ([PDF CZ][petera_bp_pdf])
......@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@ Project pages: [](https://gi
* [Fridrich Ivan: Tools for CANopen dictionaries and their integration into embedded systems, 2012][fridrich_dp] ([PDF][fridrich_pdf]) ([qCANalyzer][qcanalyzer_www]) ([qCANalyzer Git][qcanalyzer_git])
* [Ondřej Kulatý: Message authentication for CAN bus and AUTOSAR software architecture, 2015](
* [[Martin Jeřábek: FPGA Based CAN Bus Channels Mutual Latency Tester and Evaluation, 2016|F3-BP-2016-Jerabek-Martin-Jerabek-thesis-2016.pdf]]
* [Martin Jeřábek: Open-source and Open-hardware CAN FD Protocol Support, 2019][jerabek_dp] ([PDF EN][jerabek_dp_pdf])
* Other project realized at [Real-Time Systems group][rtsys_group]
* [Libor Waszniowski: Hardware in the Loop Simulation of the Yaw Dumper][17]
* [Libor Waszniowski: Linux Target for Code Generation by Real Time Workshop][18] ([Source Forge project][19]),
......@@ -121,4 +122,6 @@ Project pages: [](https://gi
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