Commit 9a2c0cd4 authored by Pavel Pisa's avatar Pavel Pisa

seminaries/qtmips/print-hex-to-uart: add new QtMips option to redirect serial output.

The serial port support for qtmips_cli is required. Commit

  qtmips_cli: add option to connect serial port input and output to file. Pavel Pisa's avatarPavel Pisa <>
parent 1712c448
......@@ -83,7 +83,8 @@ run_test: $(TARGET_EXE)
printf "%08x\n" $(input_val) >serial_port.ref
qtmips_cli --pipelined \
--dump-cycles $< \
--load-range input_val,
--load-range input_val, \
--serout serial_port.out
diff -u serial_port.ref serial_port.out
-include depend
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