Commit 73461913 authored by Pavel Pisa's avatar Pavel Pisa

seminaries/qtmips/fibo-hazard: add option to select pipelined CPU without hazard unit.

The CPu configuration without hazard unit is provided for qtmips_gui
form initial release, but support has been implemented
to qtmips_cli only recently, see the commit 2020-04-06 10:38 PM

    qtmips_cli: add option to specify used hazard unit -
                none, stall, forward.
Signed-off-by: Pavel Pisa's avatarPavel Pisa <>
parent c15cf716
......@@ -81,7 +81,8 @@ FIBO_SERIES_BYTES:=$(words $(shell seq 1 8) $(shell seq 1 $(fibo_limit)) $(shell
run_test: $(TARGET_EXE)
echo $(fibo_limit) >
qtmips_cli --dump-cycles $< \
qtmips_cli --pipelined --hazard-unit none \
--dump-cycles $< \
--load-range fibo_limit, \
--dump-range fibo_series,$(FIBO_SERIES_BYTES),fibo_series.out
diff -u -B -b fibo_series.out $(FIBO_SERIES_REF_FILE)
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