Commit 1712c448 authored by Pavel Pisa's avatar Pavel Pisa

seminaries/qtmips/print-hex-to-uart: task to convert binary value to...

seminaries/qtmips/print-hex-to-uart: task to convert binary value to hexadecimal digits sent to UART.
Signed-off-by: Pavel Pisa's avatarPavel Pisa <>
parent 16b6c806
SOURCES = print-hex-to-uart.S
TARGET_EXE = print-hex-to-uart
ARCHFLAGS += -march=mips32
#ARCHFLAGS += -fno-lto
#ARCHFLAGS += -mno-shared
CFLAGS += -ggdb -Os -Wall
CXXFLAGS+= -ggdb -Os -Wall
AFLAGS += -ggdb
LDFLAGS += -ggdb
LDFLAGS += -nostartfiles
LDFLAGS += -static
#LDFLAGS += -specs=/opt/musl/mips-linux-gnu/lib/musl-gcc.specs
OBJECTS += $(filter %.o,$(SOURCES:%.S=%.o))
OBJECTS += $(filter %.o,$(SOURCES:%.c=%.o))
OBJECTS += $(filter %.o,$(SOURCES:%.cpp=%.o))
all : default
.PHONY : default clean dep all run_test
$(CC) -D__ASSEMBLY__ $(AFLAGS) -c $< -o $@
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) -c $< -o $@
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) -S $< -o $@
#default : $(TARGET_EXE)
default : run_test
$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) $^ -o $@
dep: depend
depend: $(SOURCES) $(glob *.h)
echo '# autogenerated dependencies' > depend
ifneq ($(filter %.S,$(SOURCES)),)
$(CC) -D__ASSEMBLY__ $(AFLAGS) -w -E -M $(filter %.S,$(SOURCES)) \
>> depend
ifneq ($(filter %.c,$(SOURCES)),)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) -w -E -M $(filter %.c,$(SOURCES)) \
>> depend
ifneq ($(filter %.cpp,$(SOURCES)),)
$(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) -w -E -M $(filter %.cpp,$(SOURCES)) \
>> depend
rm -f *.o *.a $(OBJECTS) $(TARGET_EXE) depend \
serial_port.ref serial_port.out
#mips-elf-objdump --source -M no-aliases,reg-names=numeric qtmips_binrep
input_val:=$(shell echo $$RANDOM)
run_test: $(TARGET_EXE)
printf "0x%08x\n" $(input_val) >
printf "%08x\n" $(input_val) >serial_port.ref
qtmips_cli --pipelined \
--dump-cycles $< \
--load-range input_val,
diff -u serial_port.ref serial_port.out
-include depend
// print-hex-to-uart.S file template, rename and implement the algorithm
// The task is to process random value value injected into input_val
// unsigned integer variable and print corresponding hexadecimal value
// terminated by line feed (LF, '\n', 0x0a) character to the serial
// port (UART).
// Test algorithm in qtmips_gui program.
// Every CPU configuration conforming MIPS architecture can be chosen.
// Test script select pipelined configuration with hazard unit but without
// cache.
// Copy directory with the project to your repository to
// the directory work/print-hex-to-uart
// critical is location of the file work/print-hex-to-uart/print-hex-to-uart.S
// which is checked by the scripts
// The script loads number to print into input_val global variable
// and the implemented algorithm converts it to series of 8 hexadecimal
// digits finalized by LF ('\n', 0x0a) character. Lowercase digits a to f
// are expected for nibbles within range 10 to 15.
// When tested by actual qtmips_cli version, capture of serial output
// to the file is not implemented yet.
// Directives to make interesting windows visible
#pragma qtmips show registers
#pragma qtmips show memory
// Serial port/terminal registers
// There is mirror of this region at address 0xffff0000
// to match QtSpim and Mars emulators
.equ SERIAL_PORT_BASE, 0xffffc000 // base address of serial port region
.equ SERP_RX_ST_REG, 0xffffc000 // Receiver status register
.equ SERP_RX_ST_REG_o, 0x0000 // Offset of RX_ST_REG
.equ SERP_RX_ST_REG_READY_m, 0x1 // Data byte is ready to be read
.equ SERP_RX_ST_REG_IE_m, 0x2 // Enable Rx ready interrupt
.equ SERP_RX_DATA_REG, 0xffffc004 // Received data byte in 8 LSB bits
.equ SERP_RX_DATA_REG_o, 0x0004 // Offset of RX_DATA_REG
.equ SERP_TX_ST_REG, 0xffffc008 // Transmitter status register
.equ SERP_TX_ST_REG_o, 0x0008 // Offset of TX_ST_REG
.equ SERP_TX_ST_REG_READY_m, 0x1 // Transmitter can accept next byte
.equ SERP_TX_ST_REG_IE_m, 0x2 // Enable Tx ready interrupt
.equ SERP_TX_DATA_REG, 0xffffc00c // Write word to send 8 LSB bits to terminal
.equ SERP_TX_DATA_REG_o, 0x000c // Offset of TX_DATA_REG
.set noreorder
.set noat
.globl input_val
.globl _start
.ent _start
la $a0, input_val
lw $a0, 0($a0) // number to print in hexadecimal to serial port
//Insert your code there
//Final infinite loop
cache 9, 0($0) // flush cache memory
break // stop the simulator
j end_loop
.end _start
// .align 2 // not supported by QtMips yet
.word 0x12345678
// Specify location to show in memory window
#pragma qtmips focus memory input_val
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